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1914-15 Star, (Rev. A.C.D.). Reverend C.L.H. Beardmore, Army Chaplains Department - £1,485.00

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NameC.L.H. Beardmore
UnitArmy Chaplains Department

Attached Medals

1914-15 Star
Notes(Rev. A.C.D.)
British War Medal
Victory Medal
Notes(Rev.) with M.I.D. oak leaf
Order of the White Eagle
NotesSerbia Kingdon, Military Division, Knights breast badge, with crossed swords below crown suspension, silver & enamel, unmarked mounted as worn

Charles Leslie Halifax Beardmore was born on 18 November 1878, and commissioned Chaplain to the Forces Fourth Class on 14 September 1907. Appointed Anglican Chaplain to the Royal Victoria Hospital at Netley on 19 October 1914, he served with the Army Chaplains’ Department during the Great War in the Gallipoli theatre of War from May 1915 to October 1916, including as temporary Chaplain to the Forces Third Class from February to June 1916, and for his services in Gallipoli he was Mentioned in Despatches 28.1.1916 and awarded the Serbian Order of the White Eagle 15.2.1917. He relinquished his commission in 1932.One of only four Chaplains to be awarded the Serbian Order of the White Eagle.Swing mounted for wear.