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Abyssinian War Medal 1867-1868. 889 W. Lynch, 1st Battalion 4th The K.O.R. Regt. - £385.00

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NameW. Lynch
Unit1st Battalion 4th The K.O.R. Regt.
Regimental No.889

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Abyssinian War Medal 1867-1868

William Lynch was born in London. A tin plate worker by occupation, he attested for the 4th Regiment at Westminster on 20 June 1864, aged 18 years. Lynch served overseas in the East Indies for 2 years, 4 months and in Abyssinia for 6 months. Discharged at Portsmouth on 6 November 1872, being found unfit for further service - a double hernia - this being blamed on lifting heavy baggage in 1872 whilst serving as a baggage guard.