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Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal Edward VII issue, (5213 Bandmaster. D. of C.L.I.). 5213 Bandmaster J.G. Hewett, Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry - £650.00

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Condition1st Fine 2nd EF
Product ID1030693


NameJ.G. Hewett
UnitDuke of Cornwall's Light Infantry
Regimental No.5213

Attached Medals

Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal
TypeEdward VII issue
Notes(5213 Bandmaster. D. of C.L.I.)
Army Meritorious Service Medal
TypeGeorge VI issue 'Ind.Imp' obverse
Notes(5213 Bandmaster. D.C.L.I.)
Army Temperance Medal
Notestop bar 'Excelsior'
Army Temperance Medal
Notestop bar 'Fidelity'
Shooting Medal
Metalin gold
Notes(Won by J.G. Hewett Bandmaster 2nd D.C.L.I.) Western District Championship 1901, 12.5ct gold & enamel hallmarked for Birmingham 1900
Shooting Medal
Metalin silver
Notes(94 points Lce Corpl 2nd Oxfordshire Lt. Inft.) Army inter-regimental rifle matches 1890
Shooting Medal
Notes(94 points L. Corpl 2nd Oxfordshire L.I.) Army inter-regimental rifle matches 1892 Infantry Abroad

Born Aldershot, Hampshire and enlisted age 14 years, 9 months in the Ox & Bucks Light Infantry 30.8.1882. Served India and Burma 3.9.1886 to 14.5.1894. Transferred to the Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry 1.3.1897 with whom he served as Bandmaster until his discharge in 1905 having served 22 years.
5213 Bandmaster Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry
L.S. & G.C. awarded 10.1.1903 M.S.M. A.O 1944.
Shooting Army 1890 inter-regimental rifle matches.
Shooting Army 1892 inter-regimental rifle matches.
Shooting 1901 Western District Championship 15gm 12.5ct. Hallmark Birmingham 1900. This being approximately £230 in scrap gold (29th January 2018) Retired 15.5.1905