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British War Medal. Major F.H.D. Wellesley, Duke of Wellington's Regiment - £450.00

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NameF.H.D. Wellesley
UnitDuke of Wellington's Regiment

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British War Medal
Victory Medal
Notes(Maj. Attd. R.N.D.)
Silver Jubilee Medal 1935
TypeIn silver (85,000)
Coronation Medal 1937
TypeIn silver (16,000)

Lieutenant –Colonel Frederick Henry Burton ‘The Iron Duke ‘Wellesley, a collateral descendent of his famous namesake, gazetted to the Duke of Wellington’s Regiment on leaving Sandhurst at the turn of the century. He fought with the 1st and 2nd battalions during the Great War and was wounded at Miramont in February 1917, while attached to the Royal Marine Brigade of the R.D.N. In January 1919, Wellesley assumed command of the 2nd battalion and received promotion to Lieutenant –Colonel on 13th June 1926. Essentially a regimental soldier who never served on the Staff in any capacity … and a vigorous and striking personality’ Wellesley retired in 1930 and died age 75 years, 7th September 1955. His home was 7 Lang Road, Bishopthorpe, York. He was according to one correspondent ‘one of the last of the old type of regimental officer now unhappily almost extent.
His son F.H.V. Wellesley also served with the Duke of Wellingtons and lived at the Crayke, York =. Sold with a nice sepia portrait photo.