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British War Medal. Sergeant Major F.A. Lamb, British Red Cross - £170.00

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NameF.A. Lamb
RankSergeant Major
UnitBritish Red Cross

Attached Medals

British War Medal
Victory Medal
Notes(B.R.C. & St. J. J. )
Swimming Medal
NotesS.S.S. Pendleton swimming Squadron 1908,09, two cased medals commemorating the opening of the open air swimming pool at Hornsey, London 1.6.29

Sold with an original letter dated 1.12.19018 and signed by the Commissioner of the order of St. John and the British Red Cross Society stating that Frank Lamb is serving as a Sergeant Major and is entitled to wear a chevron of four stripes. With M.I.C. details confirming the pair to Frank A. Lamb, B.R.C. & O. St J.J.