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Crimea War Medal 1854-1856 Engraved in contemporary style, 1 clasp, Sebastopol, reverse of clasp stamped 'F2839'. 2839 Patrick Burke, 13th Regiment - £170.00

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ConditionContact marks in the field and edges Fine
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NamePatrick Burke
Unit13th Regiment
Regimental No.2839

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Crimea War Medal 1854-1856
TypeEngraved in contemporary style
Notesreverse of clasp stamped 'F2839'
  • Sebastopol

Born Kilgarton, Galway and served with the 88th (Connaught Rangers) from 24.4.1846, at the age of 19 years for over 5 years transferring to the 13th Foot 1.11.1851 with whom he served for over 9 years again transferring to the 25th Foot K.O.S.B. 1.7.1861 to 19.6.1868. Served West Indies, North America, Gibraltar, Crimea The Cape, and West Indies. He received the Crimea Medal and clasp along with an Indian Mutiny and an L.S. & G.C. Discharged to Londonderry