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Distinguished Conduct Medal G.VI.R., 'Indiae.Imp.' legend (1937-1947), (3854511 Sjt. Loyal. R.). 3854511 Sergeant G. Bolton, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment - £4,380.00

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NameG. Bolton
UnitLoyal North Lancashire Regiment
Regimental No.3854511

Attached Medals

Distinguished Conduct Medal
TypeG.VI.R., 'Indiae.Imp.' legend (1937-1947)
Notes(3854511 Sjt. Loyal. R.)
General Service Medal 1918-1962
Type3rd issue George VI IND IMP:
Notes(3854511 Pte. Loyal. R.) with M.I.D. oakleaf
  • Palestine
1939-45 Star
Defence Medal
War Medal
Dunkirk Veterans Medal

Mentioned in Despatches L.G. July 1937 for Distinguished Conduct in Palestine. Distinguished Conduct Medal L.G. 22nd October 1940, citation as follows. 'On 1st June 1940 at Bercous, France, during heavy shelling this NCO displayed complete disregard for his own safety and rendered aid to the wounded. Later in the day during a counter attack on the enemy he showed dash and determination. After rallying a few men he worked his way forward under severe enemy machine gun fire and inflected loss on the enemy. Later during the withdrawal of his company he covered his platoon with fire and did not withdraw himself until all his men were safe. His conduct was of the high order throughout'

This battalion won one D.S.O, three D.C.Ms and two M.Ms for the defence of Dunkirk. George Boulton was born in the parish of St. Mathews, Blackburn, Lancashire on 16.12.1909. He enlisted on 16.7.1932 at Bolton in the Loyal Regiment (N.L). His G.S.M. Palestine confirmed on the roll.The group sold with some research and L.G. entries, along with his original Dunkirk certificate.