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Egypt Medal 1882-1889 (Dated 1882), 1 clasp, Suakin 1885, initial and first two letters of surname officially corrected. 2nd Cook J. Wheelerbread, Royal Navy, H.M.S. Seagull - £265.00

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ConditionLight star marks, pawnbroker's mark to rim GVF
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NameJ. Wheelerbread
Rank2nd Cook
UnitRoyal Navy, H.M.S. Seagull

Attached Medals

Egypt Medal 1882-1889
Type(Dated 1882)
Notesinitial and first two letters of surname officially corrected
  • Suakin 1885

John Wheelerbread (alias Wheelbread), who was born in Portsmouth, Hampshire in September 1842, and originally entered the Royal Navy as a Stoker in August 1869, but was re-rated as a Cook in April 1878. He remained actively employed in the latter rate until being pensioned ashore from the Royal Adelaide in August 1889. In the interim, he witnessed active service off Egypt in the Seagull in 1882 (108 no clasp Medals to ship) and as a member of crew of the Condor in the Suakin operations of 1885 (122 clasps to the ship)