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Sea Gallantry Medal George V issue for gallantry in bronze, ("Warrior" 26th August 1913.). W.S.A. 284 Skipper Benjamin Dorsey, Royal Naval Reserve - £450.00

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NameBenjamin Dorsey
UnitRoyal Naval Reserve
Regimental No.W.S.A. 284

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Sea Gallantry Medal
TypeGeorge V issue for gallantry in bronze
Notes("Warrior" 26th August 1913.)
British War Medal
Notes(W.S.A. 284. Skr. R.N.R.)

The Times dated 12th May 1915 records.
‘The King decorated this morning 11th May 1915) at Buckingham Palace, the Board of Trade medal for Gallantry in Saving Life at Sea: Benjamin Dorsey, second hand steam fishing vessel ‘Warrior’ of Grimsby’
‘On August 26th 1913, a deckhand of the ‘Warrior’ jumped overboard when the vessel was at the entrance of the Humber. A lifebuoy was at once thrown to him but on account of the ebbing tide the man was unable to reach it, and he was carried away and drowned. Immediately the alarm was raised, Dorsey, without waiting to divest himself of his heavy clothes which he was wearing jumped overboard and swam to the man’s assistance, but he became exhausted and was unable to reach him. Considerable risk was incurred rendering this service. A strong tide was running and Dorsey was in a weak state of health, having only recently recovered from a severe illness.’
He was appointed Skipper, Royal Navy Reserve on the 1st September 1914. At the time of his appointment, he was residing at 343 Convamore Road, Grimsby. He served aboard the hired Grimsby trawler ‘Othello’ for the most of WW1.
On the 20th December 1917, he was cautioned by the Admiralty, when his vessel collided with the Grand Central Railway vessel ‘Morgan’. He served as a Skipper Royal Navy Reserve, from September 1914 to May 1919. He was demobilised on the 28th May 1919. He was also entitled to a 1914-15 Star and Victory Medal.
Benjamin Dorsey was drowned on the 11the June 1930, 50 miles NNW of Rattray Head, Scotland. At the time he was Skipper of the Grimsby Trawler Campina.
A total of 317 Bronze Sea gallantry Medals were awarded between 1911 and 1936.