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Khedive's Sudan Medal 1910-1922 2nd type 1918-1922 with fixed suspender, 1 clasp, Lau Nuer. - £360.00

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Khedive's Sudan Medal 1910-1922
Type2nd type 1918-1922 with fixed suspender
  • Lau Nuer

March-May 1917.
As a result of persistent raids by the Lau Nuer against the Dinkas in the Bor district of Mongalla and other depredations, it was decided to send out a punitive patrol under Major E.A.T. Bayly, DSO, Royal Welch Fusiliers. The patrol which was composed of Sudanese Infantry, combed the Lau country during March, April and May and after establishing a post at Nyerol under Captain C.C. Goodwin, The Yorkshire Regiment, the patrol was withdrawn.