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Military Medal G.VI.R, 1st type 'Ind Imp' legend 1938-1948, (T.172782 Dvr. R.A.S.C.). T.17282 Driver E. Lewis, Royal Army Service Corps - £1,250.00

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NameE. Lewis
UnitRoyal Army Service Corps
Regimental No.T.17282

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Military Medal
TypeG.VI.R, 1st type 'Ind Imp' legend 1938-1948
Notes(T.172782 Dvr. R.A.S.C.)
1939-45 Star
Africa Star
  • 8th Army
Italy Star
France and Germany Star
War Medal

M.M. London Gazette 25 September 1947, the recommendation dated 20 February 1941, states:
‘On the 15th Feb. 1941, the driver performed a most brave action on the Agedabis - Bengasi Road in the face of severe dive-bomb and machine gun attack from the air. His N.C.O. Sgt. Barker was lying helpless and wounded near a burning vehicle, and the driver, while the attack was still on, went forward 100 yds and dragged his N.C.O. to safety and under cover.’
The above award was originally gazetted, 9 May 1941, but erroneously to another man with the same surname and in the same unit, with one digit of his service number different. The clerical error was not recognised until after the war, by which time official measures were taken to make sure that ‘Edgar Lewis’ as opposed to ‘Samuel Edward Lewis’ was recognised with the award of the Military Medal for his gallantry on 15 February 1941.
Edgar Lewis was born in Llandilofawr, Carmarthenshire, in May 1916. He served during the Second War as a Driver with the 58th Company, Royal Army Service Corps,7th Armoured Division in North Africa.
Sold with the following original items and documents: named card box of issue for M.M., with named enclosure for award, and envelope addressed to ‘Mr. E. Lewis, Melbourne House, Garnant, Ammanford, Carm.’; card box of issue for campaign awards, with enclosure slip, addressed to recipient at the same address; a file of copied research - which includes official correspondence relating to the mis-allocation of the M.M. to another man, and the rectification of the process.