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Miscellaneous, A collection of 22 Polish Medals. - £350.00

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NotesA collection of 22 Polish Medals

A collection of twenty two Polish Medals, comprising :- three Medals of Merit for National Defence, 1966, gold silver and bronze class; four Armed Forces Medals for Long Service to the fatherland – 5,10,15 and 20 years’ service; Medal for safeguarding Public Order, 1964, bronze; Red Cross Medal Republic (PCK), 4th class in bronze; two Badges of Merit for Fire Protection, bronze and silver class; Victory and Freedom Medal, 1945; Partisan Cross, 1945; Medal for Sacrifice and Courage, 1960; 10th Anniversary of the People’s Republic; 30th Anniversary of the People’s Republic; Medal for Struggle in Defence of People’s Rule; two Medals for Merit in Service of the Nation, bronze and silver class; two Army Medals; and a Medal for Many Years of Married Life.