Dixon's medals

WANTED !!!!!


1. Indian Mutiny, no clasp to Private T. Dixon, 5/Northumberland Fusiliers

2. 14/15 Star 2914 PTE E.W. MCCLELLAND LEINSTER REG & Victory Medal (Captain)

3. Marine Society Reward for Merit awarded to ERNEST W.J.TUCKER 20th May 1913

4. Wanted Sutlej Medal to J. Ebbarry 24th Foot

5. Royal Victorian Order, C.V.O. Neck Badge numbered C 66

6. Distinguished Service Medal to 39936 J DEAGAN P.O. Royal Navy.

7. Anything to the name DUGGAN Medals or Plaque

8. Medals WW1 to 3755041 L/Corporal l. Richard Price Manchester Regiment

9. Wanted for the family Afghanistan and Egypt Pair to 1252 James Clarke

10. I.G.S. – Umbeyla Sub-Conductor John Halliday Bengal Ordinance Department
(Last known in 1980 in the US)

11. Wanted Casualty DFC or DFM medals to Airmen buried in The Netherlands

12. M.G.S, 2 clasps Martinique, Guadaloupe to Assistant Surgeon Alexander Melville, 46th Foot

13. Royal Geographical Society Gold Medal. Named to Lieut. V.L. Cameron RN. 1876 (Sold April 2010. Stacks Bowers Lot.3653) Wanted any other medals to Verney Lovett Cameron.

14. Wanted for the Family BEM medal to Robert Reginald Purser Commandant Special Constabulary.

15. Wanted to complete group M.G.S. 6 clasps to Donal Andrew 79th Regiment of Foot.

16. Any medals named to Lomas.

17. Victorian L.S. & G.C., 111 SQMS R. Williamson, APC, Sold Neate auctions in Nov.2010.

If you have any of the above medals in your collection and would like to sell them please contact us.