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Punjab Campaign Medal 1848-1849, 2 clasps, Chilianwala, Goojerat. Richard Callaghan, 61st Foot - £440.00

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ConditionEdge bruise at 9.0 & 3.0 from contact, suspension claw re-fixed Fair
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NameRichard Callaghan
Unit61st Foot

Attached Medals

Punjab Campaign Medal 1848-1849
  • Chilianwala
  • Goojerat

Born in the parish of St. Ann, Cork and attested for the 61st at Cork 16.7.1844 age 14 years, 6 months. Served in the Punjab campaign of 1848-49, clasps confirmed. The regiment had 11 men killed and over 100 wounded. At the siege and capture of Delhi had 32 officers and men killed and 119 wounded. Discharged 28.2.1869 having served 25 years, 4 of which were disallowed as he was under age.