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China War Medal 1840-1842. Petty Officer Henry Kemp, H.M.S. Cornwallis, Royal Navy*** (SOLD OUT)
Campaign Service Medal 1962-2003, 1 clasp, Northern Ireland, 24710679 Pte. Q O Hldrs/). 24710679 Private I.G. Malloch, Queen's Own Highlanders*** (SOLD OUT)
Most Honourable Order of the Bath, C.B. military original 18ct gold Lions only.
India General Service Medal 1895-1902, 1 clasp, Punjab Frontier 1897-98, (3978 Pte. 11th. Hussars.) the 'ew' of Dewar officially corrected. 9378 Private A.E. Dewar, 11th Hussars
British War Medal. Sergeant Major F.A. Lamb, British Red Cross*** (SOLD OUT)
Military Medal G.VI.R, 1st type 'Ind Imp' legend 1938-1948, (T.172782 Dvr. R.A.S.C.). T.17282 Driver E. Lewis, Royal Army Service Corps*** (SOLD OUT)
Army of India Medal 1799-1826 Short hyphen reverse, 1 clasp, Bhurtpoor. Sergeant S. Smith, 11th Light Dragoons
General Service Medal 1918-1962 4th issue George VI DEI GRA:, 1 clasp, Malaya, (4012338 Act/Cpl. R.A.F.). 4012338 Acting Corporal E.E. Bevan, Royal Air Force
Most Excellent Order of the British Empire Knights Commanders K.B.E., neck badge and breast star 2nd type (civil). Captain Sir Reginald Whitty, Royal Army Medical Corps*** (SOLD OUT)
Defence Medal. Albert E.P. Dorothy
Indian Mutiny Medal 1857-1858, 2 clasps, Defence of Lucknow, Lucknow. Apothecary J. McCann, 3rd Bn. Bengal Artillery
Egypt Medal 1882-1889 (Undated), 1 clasp, Suakin 1885, (4th Cl: Chap. Revd. ). Reverend J.M. Millar, Army Chaplains Department*** (SOLD OUT)
Most Honourable Order of the Bath, C.B. military original center only 18ct gold 1830-40 period.
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