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Jellalabad Medal 1841-1842 Mural Crown, unnamed, as struck showing die flaw to the right of the Crown.
Africa General Service Medal 1902-1956 Edward VII, 1 clasp, Somaliland 1908-10, (PO. 6121 Pte. R.M.L.I. H.M.S. Philomel.). P.O.6121 Private W. Greentree, Royal Marine Light Infantry H.M.S. Philomel
Egypt Medal 1882-1889 (Dated 1882), 3 clasps, Tel-el-Kebir, Suakin 1884, Tamaai, (1953 Pte. 19th Hussars.) surname spelt without letter E. 1953/M2/077725 1953/M2-077725 Private C. Brookes, 19th Hussars, A.S.C.*** (SOLD OUT)
Distinguished Conduct Medal Edw.VII, (6399 2nd Cl. S.Sjt. R.A.M.C.). 6399 Quarter Master Sergeant F.S. Marsland, Royal Army Medical Corps*** (SOLD OUT)
1914 Star, 23368 Pnr. R.E.). 23368 Pioneer H. Freeman, 139th Army Troops Company Royal Engineers*** (SOLD OUT)
Military Medal G.VI.R, 1st type 'Ind Imp' legend 1938-1948, (815250. Sjt. R.A.). 815250 Sergeant V.S. Woodward, Royal Artillery
India General Service Medal 1854-1895, 1 clasp, Jowaki 1877-8, (2119 Pte. 51st Foot.). 2119 Private C. Meecham, 51st Foot
Military General Service Medal 1793-1814, 7 clasps, Corunna, Barrosa, Pyrenees, Nivelle, Nive, Orthes, Toulouse. G. Shore, 28th Foot
India General Service Medal 1895-1902, 1 clasp, Punjab Frontier 1897-98, (3978 Pte. 11th. Hussars.) the 'ew' of Dewar officially corrected. 9378 Private A.E. Dewar, 11th Hussars
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